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Central Asian Republics (Nations in Transition) by Michael Kort PDF

By Michael Kort

ISBN-10: 0816050740

ISBN-13: 9780816050741

This article examines the issues confronting the valuable Asian Republics - as they comply with being independant international locations. it's divided into 5 sections, providing an summary of every kingdom and its geography, inhabitants, background, and executive, in addition to an outlook for its destiny.

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The federal structure of the Soviet Union was an administrative ploy to hide the dictatorship’s true nature. Yet restructuring provided a way to govern the Soviet Union, especially as efforts were made to enlist non-Russians into the Communist Party and thereby into the tightly knit apparatus that controlled the huge country. Having established the framework it needed, the Soviet government turned to Central Asia. It began by using ethnicity and borders to undermine any competing authority in the region.

His school in Samarkand became a famous center for astronomy and mathematics, and the state-ofthe-art astronomical observatory he built there attracted scientists from all over the world. But time was running out. Ulugh Beg was murdered in 1449, ending the remarkable cultural era in Central Asia. NIT-CentAsianReps -blues 11/18/08 30 ■ 9:58 AM Page 30 CENTRAL ASIAN REPUBLICS Uzbeks and Kazakhs The next rulers of Central Asia were tribes that collectively became known as the Uzbeks. They arrived as nomads but soon settled down in the main towns of Transoxiana and began assimilating with the native population.

It remains on maps today along the southern border of Tajikistan, an odd geographic leftover from Europe’s age of imperialism. Central Asia under Czarist Rule In effect, Central Asia was a Russian colony. The Russians divided Central Asia into two main parts. The old name Turkestan was revived to designate the southern half of the region, now called the Governate-General of Turkestan. It included all of present-day Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, parts of Kazakhstan. This large area was subdivided into several administrative units.

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Central Asian Republics (Nations in Transition) by Michael Kort

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