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Jane Watson's Business Writing Basics (Self-Counsel Business) PDF

By Jane Watson

ISBN-10: 1551803860

ISBN-13: 9781551803869

- Plan and write potent studies - Create specialist letters, memos, and email - increase just like your corporation

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23. Be careful with humor. It may get you into trouble. Humor is always good to relieve tension and get a point across in a lighter vein. However, people understand humor not only through the words but also through body language and voice inflection. In letters, memos, and reports, readers do not have access to these clues and comments may be badly misinterpreted. The membership chair of a large group once sent out the following statement: I would personally appreciate your sending in your check because I have other things I would rather spend my limited time doing than following up with your renewal.

First, there are usually several readers and the writer may not be familiar with each person. Second, good reports contain facts, statistics, and technical information. There is no room for the writer’s personality and subjective viewpoint. Occasionally a report may be written in a less formal style, but this occurs only when the report is for inhouse use and is going to a small, selected audience. This kind of report is usually written as a memo. How do you write in a formal tone? • Write all words in full.

Better If you wish to discuss this issue further, please let me know. 8. Use personal words. A good method for determining how appealing your message is to the reader is to count 38 BUSINESS WRITING BASICS the number of personal references. Personal references are words such as I, me, you, he, she, it, we, they, your, and mine, and names of people and companies. A rough guideline is that there should be six personal words for every 100 words. Example If the most recent business writing trends were tracked, it would be evident that an increased number of faxes and e-mails are being sent out to clients, customers, and staff.

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Business Writing Basics (Self-Counsel Business) by Jane Watson

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