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Survey of Language Use and Attitudes towards Language in the Philippines'. In Ohannessian Sirarpi, Ferguson, Charles A. ) Language Surveys in Developing Countries: Papers and Reports on Sociolinguistic Surveys. C . : Center for Applied Linguistics, pp. 1 1 5-143 . S P E E CH ACTS AND S E CON D LANGUAGE LEARNING R I C H A R D W . S C H M I DT and J A C K C . R I C H A R D S University of Hawaii and Chinese Universzty, Hong Kong I NT R O D U CT I O N SEVERAL 1. W H A T IS A S P E E C H ACT? Speech act theory has to do with the functions and uses of language, so in the broadest sense we might say that speech acts are all the acts we perform through speaking, all the things we do when we speak.

Searle (1975) talks of inferential strategies and suggests how the second of the following statements could be taken as a rejection of the proposal made in the first statement. Student X: Let's go to the movies tonight . Student Y : I have t o study for a n exam. 'Step 1 : I have made a proposal to Y, and in response he has made a statement to the effect that he has to study for an exam (facts about the con­ versation). Step 2: I assume that Y is cooperating in the conversation and that therefore his remark is intended to be relevant (principles of conversational cooperation).

Org by guest on January 1, 2011 Sociolinguistic surveys vary in their technical sophistication, which is not surprising in view of the fact that many of the investigators who have under­ taken them have had little or no training in social science research methods, particularly in the collection, processing, and analysis of mass data. Such shortcomings that result from lack of training can be and usually are overcome with experience, but the investigator who must learn for himself what could have been conveniently acquired as part of his professional training subjects himself to additional delays and frustrations.

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Applied Linguistics Volume 1, No.2, 1980 by Oxford University

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