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Download PDF by Lynne Hume, Jane Mulcock: Anthropologists in the field: cases in participant

By Lynne Hume, Jane Mulcock

ISBN-10: 023113004X

ISBN-13: 9780231130042

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ISBN-13: 9780231130059

All too frequently anthropologists and different social scientists pass into the sphere with unrealistic expectancies. assorted cultural milieus are major flooring for misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and interrelational difficulties. This ebook is a wonderful advent to real-world ethnography, utilizing well-known and not-so-familiar cultures as instances. The ebook covers player statement and ethnographic interviewing, either brief and long-term. those methodologies are open to difficulties similar to loss of communique, melancholy, hostility, risk, and ethical and moral dilemmas -- difficulties which are often sanitized for booklet and missed within the curriculum. one of the interesting subject matters coated are sexualized and violent environments, secrecy and disclosure, a number of roles and allegiances, insider/outsider concerns, and negotiating friendship and objectivity. (March'07 Vol. 17, No. 1)

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Monks live in a situation that differs in some important ways from DISCLOSURE AND INTERACTION IN A MONASTERY 23 the ordinary backstage-and-frontstage setting. For one thing, their backstage is far more explicit and absolute than in the outside world, where a multiplicity of influences exist from which a person might choose. The preparation of a monk is based on very clear-cut rules of behavior— rules that, indeed, are hallowed by nearly two millennia of practice— and enforced by equally clear-cut norms of behavior modification.

I did AWKWARD INTIMACIES 13 finally receive my research visa, however, nearly six months after the initial paperwork was begun. With time, I grew accustomed to the field, the fear of deportation, and the leers of unknown men. I became so comfortable in the brothel that I was able to knock on the doors of women engaged with clients if it was truly important enough to do so. I had conquered the INM and secured my visa. I was working well with the local panista officials. On my thirtyfirst birthday, there was a surprise party for me in the Zone: pirate taxi drivers brought a cake, as did the workers.

It was awkward and absurd and after some time I simply gave up and, exhausted, joined sex workers who sat under a tent listening to a Honduran reggae-rap band that featured lithe female dancers and a male dwarf. Maintaining neutrality in the midst of so many unknowns was tiring, and as I sat with the sex workers I knew it was their side I would ultimately take. Conclusion Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news. —Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (in Chödrön 1997:xi) My year in the field shaped me as no other experience has.

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Anthropologists in the field: cases in participant observation by Lynne Hume, Jane Mulcock

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