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By James Hillman

Uniform version of the Writings of James Hillman, quantity 9

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We did not then know it, but looking back many years later, we were on the road to another kind of dreamwork: an essentialist approach to the dream – toward what is essentially going on in the image. The animals led us to this approach, as if they were the essentials of the dreams, perhaps even essences. What I have been gathering from these animals has taken these many years to begin to find this first written formulation, which I dedicate to the spirit of Adolf Portmann. Pig As we turn now to further dreams, let me say that I know how difficult it is to listen at the same time to the dream and to discourse about it.

In the main, Greek religious feeling expressed in the animal forms of the gods was followed by the Roman state cult of pomp, pageant, and cruelty. Despite Pliny’s notion that animals are more dear to God than man, Lucretius’s belief that animals are happier and higher than man, and the popularity of Virgil’s third Georgic, Roman law gave the owners of animals ius utendi and ius abutendi, a position supported by the Stoic idea of reason of which animals were deprived. As Greek gave way to Roman, and Hebrew to Christian, Ecclesiastes is nowhere mentioned in the New Testament.

This frequently occurs with any knowledge; but merely because of the shadow of knowledge we should not forego knowledge itself. Second, amplification presumes a cosmology. The pig or crab in a dream reaches across centuries and geographies because it is a visible presence of archaic and ubiquitous invisible processes. The symbolic pig is also an eternal, pleromatic pig full of all pigs everywhere, a cosmic pig there before I am here, dreaming before the dreamer. In that visible dream image are knitted together the pigs of Melanesia, the pig Aphrodite does not like because it killed Adonis, and my next Wurstsalat.

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Animal Presences by James Hillman

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