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J. A. McLean's Animal and Human Calorimetry PDF

By J. A. McLean

ISBN-10: 0521309050

ISBN-13: 9780521309059

This quantity offers a accomplished survey of the speculation, perform, and methods of calorimetry as utilized to the examine of power metabolism in people and animals. Calorimetry is used to estimate dietary requisites of guy and farm farm animals and to guage diverse meals. it's also a strong software utilized in learn into primary dietary and physiological lifestyles approaches and within the overview of stresses imposed by way of irregular or critical environments. it really is presently being utilized in a variety of branches of scientific study and will be used as a diagnostic software in hospitals for research of metabolic problems. The authors talk about either direct calorimetry, which measures warmth loss at once, and oblique calorimetry, the place warmth loss is inferred through dimension of a few of the chemical byproducts of metabolism. furthermore, tips is supplied to the instrumentation, technical difficulties, and precautions essential to receive exact calorimetric measurements.

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Compounds of glycerol and three fatty-acids. The fatty-acid composition is extremely variable but the majority of animal fats include high proportions of the saturated acids palmitic (C16), stearic (C18) and the monounsaturated oleic acid (C18, 1). Vegetable fats are rich in unsaturated fatty-acids, particularly linoleic acid (C18, 2). 35 kcal/g). 65 kcal/1). The variation between the calorific factors Q, a, r and q of different fatty-acids is considerably greater than that of different carbohydrates.

Combined use of the two systems makes it possible to analyse all heat balance parameters simultaneously over 24 h long periods whilst the subject remains free from the restraints and confinement of a calorimetric chamber. Previously a suit calorimeter embodying the gradient-layer principle had been described by Young, Carlson & Burns (1955). The advantage of their suit was that it could distinguish between heat loss rates from different body regions, but its use was limited in time by the accumulation of sweat inside the garment.

Provided that the quantities of these or any other compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are measurable, and that their calorific factors are known, they may be treated in exactly the same way as methane. 4a, b and c) for each substance synthesised. 9d), but with aG, rG and qG replaced by a'G, r'G and q'G. The only commonly metabolised foodstuff to which the equations are not readily adaptable is alcohol. 2. 8) would therefore underestimate that part of the metabolic heat derived from alcohol by 5%.

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Animal and Human Calorimetry by J. A. McLean

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