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The index also has a listing of all the battles under their entry names as well as a long list under `Battles'. Bekki Shozaemon aka Betsuki Shozaemon?? Died 21 Sep 1652. Ben En Died 1279 38 Bengyoku Bengyoku aka Kei-a Shonin Lived 1818 to 1880 Benkei aka Musashi-bo Died 1189 Warrior and retainer of Minamoto Yoshitsune. Famous for his martial exploits. see also: Minamoto Yoshitsune (pg. X), Ben no Naishi Benten aka Benzaiten Bessho Family Bessho Harusada Bessho Nagaharu Lived 1558 to 1580 Bessho Toyoharu Bifuku Mon-in aka Fujiwara Toku-ko Lived 1117 to 1160 Bingo Province A province on the Inland Sea side of western Honshū, in what is today Hiroshima Prefecture.

In order to supply deficiencies, which are unavoidable, in the Budget, and to meet requirements unprovided for in the same, a Reserve Fund shall be provided in the Budget. Article 70. When the Imperial Diet cannot be convoked, owing to the external or internal condition of the country, in case of urgent need for the maintenance of public safety, the Government may take all necessary financial measures, by means of an Imperial Ordinance. (2) In the case mentioned in the preceding clause, the matter shall be submitted to the Imperial Diet at its next session, and its approbation shall be obtained thereto.

Both Houses shall vote upon projects of law submitted to it by the Government, and may respectively initiate projects of law. Article 39. A Bill, which has been rejected by either the one or the other of the two Houses, shall not be brought in again during the same session. Article 40. Both Houses can make representations to the Government, as to laws or upon any other subject. When, however, such representations are not accepted, they cannot be made a second time during the same session. Article 41.

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