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Download e-book for kindle: Alphabet (Pre-K Grade) Basic Skills Workbook by Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

By Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

ISBN-10: 1897305419

ISBN-13: 9781897305416

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Explain the causes of the phases of the Moon. Compare and contrast the characteristics (orbit, mass, moons) and surface conditions (temperature, atmosphere) of the planets in our solar system. Describe the make-up and orbits of asteroids and comets. ) in it. Describe the theory of the origin of the Universe. ). Diagram the life cycle of stars. Describe the use of technology and scientific inquiry in learning about our universe. 7 Asteroid Imapct! Energy Research Assignment 1. Define energy. 2. Brainstorm at least 5 common forms of energy.

Html>. ” Planetary Image Research Laboratory, The University of Arizona. 12 July 2002. edu/Spacewatch/>. Templeton, Brad. ” Brad Templeton’s Home Page. html>. Templeton, Brad. ” Brad Templeton’s Home Page. html>. Tobin, Isaac. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. htm>. Umbach, Ken. ” Ken Umbach’s Award Winning Home Page. html>. ” Library of Congress. gov/copyright/>. ” NASA Planetary Data System. htm>. Product or Culminating Activity: Students develop a presentation that reflects their group solution to the problem.

2001. Barraco, Gail. Personal interview. 10 Feb. 2002. Berkowitz, Robert E. ” The Big6 Teaching Technology & Information Skills eNewsletter. E-1:2 (Spring 2000). html>. Bishop, Kay and Nancy Larimer. ” Teacher Librarian 27:1 (October 1999): 15–20. ” NEMA — Nebraska Educational Media Association. html>. Donham, Jean. ” NASSP Bulletin 83:605 (March 1999): 20–26. Farmer, Dr. Lesley S. J. Personal interview. 12 Feb. 2001. Farmer, Dr. Lesley S. J. Personal interview. 9 Dec. 2001. Collaboration: The Ideal and Its Many Variations 25 Farmer, Dr.

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Alphabet (Pre-K Grade) Basic Skills Workbook by Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

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