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Algorithms and Recursive Functions - download pdf or read online

By A.I. Mal'cev

ISBN-10: 9001570704

ISBN-13: 9789001570705

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High Resolut, Chromatogr,, 8, 411-417 Mikkers, F. E. , F. M. Everaerts and T. P. E. M. Verheggen (1979). J. , 169, 11-20. Monnig, C. A. and R. T. , 66, 280R-314R. Olivares, J. , N. T. Nguyen, C. R. Yonker and R. D. Smith (1987). Anal. , 59, 1230-1232. , K. Otsuka, K. Ichikawa, A. Tsuchiya and T. Ando (1984). Anal. , 56, 111-113. Weinberger, R. (1993). Practical Capillary Electrophoresis, Academic Press, Boston. Yeung, E. (1993). In: Capillary Electrophoresis Technology (N. A. ), Vol. 64, Chromatographic Science, pp.

TOWNS and FRED E. REGNIER $40,000 commercial system, success or failure of the analysis can depend on a $10 piece effused silica tubing. The fused silica tubing does not always provide the necessary separation performance; modification of the capillary is often required. The wide acceptance of the technique and practical applications can be attributed in large part to advances in column technology. It is now possible to move beyond the analysis of amino acids and peptides to that of macromolecules.

If SDS is used, the order of elution will be the reverse of that with CZE due to electrostatic repulsion between the SDS and anions present in the sample. Neutral molecules can be separated by MEKC based on their relative hydrophobicity. Cations are retained longest on the capillary due to the electrostatic attraction between the SDS micelle and the positively charged ion. However, if a class of compounds is very hydrophobic, they may all spend the entire time in the micelle and elute at tmc- Therefore, in order to separate very hydrophobic compounds, it is frequently necessary to add an organic modifier to the mobile phase (just as with LC).

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Algorithms and Recursive Functions by A.I. Mal'cev

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