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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Le Guide Complet by Franck Chopinet PDF

By Franck Chopinet

ISBN-10: 2300017636

ISBN-13: 9782300017636

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Questioner: There is something appealing about what you are describing, yet I cannot believe it all runs smoothly. Responder: No you are right. My stories continue to sound smooth because I am making a retrospective set of connections, not simple cause and effect connections but trying to illustrate self-organizing processes. In these stories I am drawing attention to the way narrative sense-making works and is at work all the time. However, if we reflect for a moment on what this process is like as we live it every day we know that it does not feel smooth at all, it is exhilarating and enjoyable and satisfying at times, but it is also frustrating, tension-filled and anxiety producing at times.

In this chapter I will try to write as a participant sense-maker or participantinquirer from within the movement of the social sense-making process. To further elaborate on the kind of change practice I describe in this book, I will return to Ferrovia and other episodes of the work I described in the second narrative in the last chapter (see Appendix for a list of characters introduced in these narratives). To continue to make sense of this, I find it useful to turn to what John Shotter (1993) has to say about his project to develop a rhetorical-responsive form of social constructionism.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Le Guide Complet by Franck Chopinet

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