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A. J. Thomson's A Practical English Grammar PDF

By A. J. Thomson

ISBN-10: 0511070918

ISBN-13: 9780511070914

The workouts can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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What can also be used for persons (see 58 D). 55 subject Object Affirmative verb after who, whose etc. used as subjects who, whose, which, what when used as subjects are normally followed by an affirmative, not an interrogative, verb: Who pays the bills? (affirmative verb) Whose/Which horse won? /What went wrong? ) But with who, whose etc. + be + noun or personal/distributive pronoun, an interrogative verb is used: Who are you? Whose is this? What is that noise? With who, whose etc. used as objects of a verb or preposition an interrogative verb is, of course, necessary.

Why ever not? ) Bring a knife to class tomorrow. ~ What ever for? ) (For whoever, whatever etc. ) A Practical English Grammar 51 7 Possessives, personal and reflexive pronouns: my, mine, I, myself etc. 62 Possessive adjectives and pronouns Possessive adjectives my your his/her/its our your their Possessive pronouns mine yours his/hers ours yours theirs Note that no apostrophes are used here. Students should guard against the common mistake of writing the possessive its with an apostrophe. it's (with an apostrophe) means it is.

In questions without how, much is possible but a lot is more usual: How much has he ridden? Has he ridden a lot/much? In the affirmative as/so/too + much is possible. Otherwise a lot/ a good deal/a great deal is B A Practical English Grammar 34 C D E 34 A B C D preferable: He shouts so much that... I talk too much. But He rides a lot/a great deal. very much meaning greatly can be used more widely in the affirmative. : Thank you very much. They admired him very much. She objects very much to the noise they make.

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