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A Chicano in the White House: The Nixon No One Knew by Dr. Henry M. Ramirez PDF

By Dr. Henry M. Ramirez

ISBN-10: 0615821936

ISBN-13: 9780615821931

A Chicano within the White home is the 1st booklet to inform the unknown tale of President Richard M. Nixon and the Chicanos. Nixon came across us. He made us identified and recognized. merely Nixon or i may have written this ebook. He and that i are the single ones who knew what visions we mentioned and deliberate within the Oval workplace. it's a disclosure of ways his visionary activities introduced an unknown, forgotten, and conquered raza into mainstream America.

I current info of the 1st “exodus” in the course of the Twenties of just about million rural and illiterate, landless peasants from a feudal society to the Midwest and Southwest of the us, the place they tested “little Mexico’s” known as barrios. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 became gruesome after 1913 whilst the leaders of the Marxist Union named overseas staff of the area, (I.W.W.) of Baltimore, Maryland, imposed a quasi-Stalinist regime and proceeded to persecute and try to do away with the Catholic Church in Mexico. The atrocities opposed to Catholics prompted worried flight on empty boxcars to “El Norte.”

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A Chicano in the White House: The Nixon No One Knew by Dr. Henry M. Ramirez

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